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Bob Marley "Trench Town" Lyrics

(Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoo-doo;
Scoop, scoop wa-doo.)
Up a cane river to wash my dread;
Upon a rock I rest my head.
There I vision through the seas of oppression, oh-oo-wo!
Don't make my life a prison.

We come from Trench Town, Trench Town (Trenchtown) -
Most of them come from Trench Town.
We free the people with music (sweet music);
Can we free the people with music (sweet music)?
Can we free our people with music? - With music,
With music, oh music!

Oh-y, my head,
In desolate places we'll find our bread,
And everyone see what's taking place, oh-oo-wo! -
Another page in history.

We come from Trench Town,
Come from Trench Town;
We come from Trench Town.
Lord we free the people with music (sweet music);
We free the people with music (sweet music);
We free our people with music,
With music, oh music (oh music)!

They say it's hard to speak;
They feel so strong to say we are weak;
But through the eyes the love of our people, oh-oo-wo!
They've got to repay.

We come from (Trenchtown) Trench Town;
We come from (Trenchtown) Trench Town;
Trench - Trench Town (Trenchtown).
They say, "Can anything good come out of Trench Town?"
(Trench - Trenchtown)
That's what they say, (Trenchtown); (Trench - Trenchtown)
Say (Trench - Trenchtown) we're the underprivileged people,
So (Trenchtown) they keep us in chains:
"Pay (Trench - Trenchtown) - pay - pay tribute to -" (Trenchtown).
We come from (Trench - Trenchtown);
We come from (Trench - Trenchtown);
Just because we come from Trench Town.
Not because we come from Trench Town;
Just because we come from (Trenchtown). fadeout

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