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Popcaan - Wicked Man Thing Lyrics

Wicked wicked wicked
Wah gwaan bad chargie
Over Jungle wicked man ting
Water house wicked man ting
Round a Jewsland wicked man ting
Look how the AK pretty and slim
Round a Back-to wicked man ting
Round a Glocburn Pen wicked man ting
Portmore say wicked man ting

Wicked wicked wicked
Hoo.. never try dis a unruly man
Wus when me have up the tool in hand
Rifle a wave like a broomie man
Wicked wicked wicked

Spanish town man a evil man
Murder people and be the man
Dis yard man you haffi leave the land
Wicked wicked wicked

Dem mussi feel like me gun dem fraid fi bore dem skin
When the rifle tun on and go bore dem chin
Body gone pon ice dat a frozen ting
Big fat baretta a rome like sin
Cho hammer go touch pon the firing pin
Caaw dis stoney hill neither golden spring
Boy head open up is a open ting
Like when Beagle Bailey goh open sting

Saint Thomas say wicked man ting
August Town say wicked man ting
Papine thugz say wicked man ting
Wicked wicked wicked

Cho Jungle 12 say wicked man ting
Clarendon thugz say wicked man ting
Mobay thugz say wicked man ting
Wicked wicked wicked

Cho.. shot dem and figot dem
Boy haffi dead when dem see me strap dem
The Astro, The Ruger, the Mac 10
Funeral when me hold dem and knock dem
Cho undertaker wrap dem
Anytime me and sizzla kid knock dem
Boy a tell me a him run the place
And me know say it is not them

Cho.. Tivoli Garden wicked man ting
Matches lane say wicked man ting
Mountain view say wicked man ting
Wicked wicked wicked

Cho.. out a east say wicked man ting
Out a south say wicked man thing
Round a west say wicked man thing
Wicked wicked wicked

No ramp.. wicked man thing
No ramp.. wicked man thing

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