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Twenty year old Dancehall artist Alkaline says his music represents everything that society is afraid of and society represents everything that he is afraid of. Alkaline comes to the fore with a bundle of hardcore rhymes, killer hooks and slick production, and undoubtedly one of the "Baddest” lyricist.

Describing himself as an ‘in di streets yute’, ALKALINE, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, was born in 1993 ‘under the clock’ in Kingston at the Victory Jubilee Hospital.

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Akaline Afterall Lyrics 
Me have couple dog me know would a dead fi me Death a sell out Better say loyalty Before you fuk with the family try memba me Me nah sell out, We caah …

Chevaune Reid - Second Haunting (Ghost Town)  
Wah mek you do the dan that No me woulda never do you that No no no no way Nuh sacrifice your happiness because ego No, nuh believe everything weh …

Alkaline Formula Lyrics 
Dem neh wah we yah We cut and come back wid the Formula And everybody speechless like Michael Jackson song in yah When we did a work dem did a laugh …

Alkaline - Block & Delete Lyrics Not rated yet
Jordan if a gyal a gwaan like she too stubborn A instant Block and Delete Galong go try dem ting deh wid some other man No gal caah style the G Me …

Alkaline - Conquer the World Lyrics Not rated yet
We mek it pass all a di drama When dem a hackle up dem self we keep it calmer Feel like me can conquer the world now Feel like me can conquer the, conquer …

Alkaline - One More Time (Clean) Lyrics Not rated yet
You're beautiful Lawd gal good don't good like you Lawd gal dem don't bad like you Lawd gal me can't stop love you Nooooo Relax I wanna give you …

Alkaline - Company LYRICS Not rated yet
Me do a check up dis evening Vendetta never catch no feelings We might a deal but we nuh inna no dealings Vendetta never catch no feelings Feelings, …

Alkaline My Side Of The Story Lyrics Not rated yet
If you ask me gal you change and I don't like that No, Do nuh make everything go to waste Please fight back, wow Have some faith inna me We nuh grow …

Alkaline - Try Again Lyrics and Audio Not rated yet
A di yutes dem from Jarrett Lane tell me fi sing dah song yah Try again, you never make it last year But try again, hey yow, hey yow, hey yow Try …

Alkaline I Feel So Lonely lyrics Not rated yet
loooo-ohhh loooo-ohhhh loooo-ohhhh ooooo-oo-ooohhh Believe me say mi well wah touch Lonliness a mash up mi heart And everybody needs somebody fi …

Alkaline Champion Boy Lyrics  Not rated yet
Champion mi a di Champion boy champion mi a di champion boy champion mi a di champion boy champion mi a di champion boy (Intro) One bag a gold medal …

Alkaline – Carry You Far Lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) When yop open yo foot gyal you nuh fret A bwoy never f**k you and stop him breath Skin out you hole and buss a whine Cause a bwoy never tell …

Alkaline ATM Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) Am all about the money Like broke life never know mi Mi, mi forever boasty Am all about the money Like seh a Nanny grow mi Voluntary service …

Alkaline - Side Chick Lyrics Not rated yet
Sumting bout me side gal You make me start hate me wife gal Wah day wifey a run joke wid me Me say me.. do you sumting bad gal Sumting bout me side …

Alkaline – On And On (True Love) Lyrics  Not rated yet
(Chorus) True love go on, and on, and on, and on On and on, and on First love goes on, and on, and on, and on On and on, and on True love go on, …

Alkaline Everyday Lyrics Not rated yet
All when mi deh pon toilet A you me a think out still Think bout still You deh pon mi mind everytime Dung to when me and all a mi friend a bill …

Alkaline Object Bingo Lyrics Not rated yet
Ehh me like when dem tek me fi idiot enuh You suppose to know how man ting set already Dat a true, A man as a c corner league player Plile messi, who …

Alkaline On Fleek Lyrics Not rated yet
ooh gyal you something Gyal you something on fleek ooh gyal you something Gyal you something on fleek ooh gyal you something Gyal you something …

Alkaline - In The World lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) Somebody a morn the death of a love one Somebody frustrated and cyaa go on Somebody deh yah a suffer from how long The pon the other side …

Alkaline (Vendetta) 10 Years Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow.. more time.. ehhh More time man wonder What really go happen to we What really go happen to we like inna di future You know dem way deh? Like …

Alkaline - Mek Di Money (We Made It) Lyrics  Not rated yet
Right yah now me a tell you too enuh dog A me alone understand you too enuh A dat me a tell you Caw just fi show you Me devin haffi know you personally …

Alkaline – Gone Away Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) Gone away, put up yo lighter fi yo friends dem weh past away Gone away, Yo deh yah so today then tomorrow yo gone away Gone away, Mi feel it …

Alkaline - Holiday Again lyrics Not rated yet
So Mr Bartley what happen last night Yow you deaf mi nuh tell you say me nuh know Like you nah understand wah me a say Me did deh deh The tall yute …

Alkaline Love Doctor lyrics Not rated yet
What a bloodclaat fuk Up inna she the cocky gone up Pu$$y swell and the sheet nasty up what a bloodclaat fuk shi ride pan di buddy hard suh an mi …

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