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I Octane is one of the most conscious young reggae artiste in the business today. A son from the Parish of Clarendon Jamaica whose birth name is "Byiome Muir" which means "To Be strong".

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I-Octane - No Badda Dan Jah Lyrics 
I most high Jah In these perilous times I come before you with a humble heart Mankind has lost their way Seeking comfort in mass distruction Hurting …

I-Octane - Try Again Lyrics  Not rated yet
No tell me bout who a fight you Complain bout who a spite you Cause every man get fight in life Every man get fight in life No focus pon who nuh …

I-Octane - No Shaky Linky Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) Mi never have one linky weh One linky weh shaky Mi never have one linky weh Weh a act like a lady And mi never have one linky weh man a call …

I-Octane - Party Turn Up Lyrics Not rated yet
What is on, what is on my mind From me turn up The party turn up Bartender love fi serve us Whole heap a grades deh yah fi burn up Plus a sexy gal …

I-Octane - My Struggles Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro Yow sufferation man a come from enuh yute Funny how tings change It funny how tings change, yeah Chorus You think a little bit …

I-Octane - China Made (Bad People) Lyrics Not rated yet
China made dem badness knock off You nuh see dem badness knock off But we dark like cave Come in like when JPS light lock off Fraid dem boy deh, fraid …

I-Octane - Love Di Vibes lyrics Not rated yet
Yow..Elvis We love Di Vibes It Siccck Yow mi a call frass enuh Yow biggs First ting, stop a gas station Full up di tank, plus a pack a condom …

I-Octane - Jiggle Fi Me lyris Not rated yet
Yow Ice dat one yah a fi di gal dem enuh It sicck Yow mi a tell you sah this shot Gal mi love how you hips rock Love when di gal dem a tick tok Dah …

I Octane Stepping In The Name of Love Lyrics Not rated yet
Love a flow thru my vains so lets not hurt each other Peace and love shall reign Love a flow thur my vains Please don't hurt another Peace and love …

I-Octane - Float Away lyrics Not rated yet
Oh baby oh baby oh girl Never know say we woulda deh Now me a pree family Come mek we go married yeah, baby I never knew that i would love but you …

I Octane - Life Aint Easy Lyrics Not rated yet
Chimney Records..hmmm hmmm Yes, I know life aint easy And the system cheat we And a nuff innocent going down evidently I know they try fi go round …

I-Octane - Red Eye Lyrics Not rated yet
Teeejaaaay Certain games we nuh play Well a boy coulda a bright Coulda never say we hot Say we cute, say we nice Caw bad people head ever cold like …

I Octane 'Chatty Chatty Mouth' Lyrics Not rated yet
Why should I invest inna mankind When mankind dem caw see and blind Hungry Lion becareful of chatty chatty mouth Inna dem yah last days yah Yap yap …

I-Octane - Prison Life Lyrics  Not rated yet
Dj Frass Records Cold blooded murdera Cold blooded murdera Me bredda link me from prison and tell me say a floor him a sleep Him tell me say a …

I Octane "Man A Suffer Too Long" Lyrics  Not rated yet
Respect to all who wipe car glass All when some a hype and pass Mi love di yutes mi nah hide and talk A whole heap a road dem walk Respect to all who …

I Octane Gyal A Gimi Bun' Lyrics  Not rated yet
Jesus Christ, Woieeeee Chest plate a bun me..Yeaaa Nah spend no time wid mi gyal and mi gal a gi mi bun yea.. Nah spend no time wid mi woman and …

I-Octane Love You Like I Do Lyrics Not rated yet
Hey no one can love you like i do There's no one to love you like i boo Come on lady, no one can love you like I do There's no one to change how I love …

I Octane - Cant Hold Me Down (Hello Remix) Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow Seanizzle pass me, mi phone Need fi make a call, serious one too Hello badmind its me I've been wondering why you fight me so much and still can't …

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