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Tessanne Chin born September 23, 1985) is a Jamaican recording artist, best known for winning Season 5 of NBC's reality TV singing competition The Voice as part of Adam Levine's team.

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Tessanne Chin "One Step Closer" Lyrics Not rated yet
One step closer to the beach I can feel it chasing on the tip of my tongue Got you in my system, babe I'm ready to take aim and fire It's heading …

Tessanne Chin "People Change" Lyrics Not rated yet
Somebody told me that you were doing fine Guess that means I'm no longer on your mind Must be true that every wound heals in time Cause I'm all right, …

Tessanne Chin "Heaven Knows" Lyrics Not rated yet
Heaven knows my heart and all that it’s been thinking I don’t know where to start but I might as well start speaking When I try to explain all the words …

Tessanne Chin "Loudest Silence" Lyrics Not rated yet
I hate to feel like a stranger in my own house Now saying words but my eyes are cursing you out And you're no better cuz I'm quite as well And in my …

Tessanne Chin "I Heart U" Lyrics Not rated yet
I heart the way that you right there through it all yeah yeah yeah When I need someone to talk to I heart the way you always call When I get off track …

Tessanne Chin "Lifeline" Lyrics Not rated yet
You are, you are My little piece of heaven You are, you are My lucky number seven And you, you, you You give me wings to fly You are, you are …

Tessanne Chin "Always Tomorrow" Lyrics Not rated yet
When the silence is dangerous And there's no one to trust When you're caught between the rock and the rage It's time to turn the page You find yourself …

Tessanne Chin "Count On My Love" Lyrics Not rated yet
Never meant to out and disappear, left my lipstick kiss on your mirror (Faraway) you picked a fine time to disagree (Yeahh). I guess you liked to never …

Tessanne 'Everything Reminds Me Of You' Lyrics Not rated yet
You started it You never quit I'm starting to think that you wanted it Just let it out Just let it out The elephant that's in the room Is tired …

Tessanne Chin "Tumbling Down" Lyrics Not rated yet
You started it You never quit I'm starting to think that you wanted it Just let it out Just let it out The elephant that's in the room Is tired …

Tessanne Chin "You And Me" (with Tami Chynn) Lyrics Not rated yet
Tami: I wish you wouldn’t take me for granted, Like my tomorrows guaranteed. I wish you wouldn’t talk down to me, Like I was someone you wouldn’t …

Tessanne Chin "Messenger" Lyrics Not rated yet
Your words are weapons so use them wisely Shooting down yah brothers with your lyrical bullets Teaching the children to go to war Don't you know? Life …

Tessanne Chin "Loving You" (feat. Kees Dieffenthaller) Lyrics Not rated yet
Kees: Yeah yeah, (oooh) oooh, my lady, my love (my love). Loving you (yeah), every moment, every day of my life, you know I'll be loving you, …

Tessanne Chin "Hideaway" Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro: You don't know what you do when you do it to me Verse 1: I can't save you from yourself but I could Offer you a new start And …

Tessanne Chin "Black Books" Lyrics Not rated yet
"Black Books" A 1-2-3 ow, oh yeeeah oh, yeeeeah VERSE 1: An I want you to do watch him don't think His fault was a who outta mi, outta you …

Tessanne Chin Tumbling Down Lyrics Not rated yet
(Verse) You started it You never quit I'm starting to think that you wanted it Just let it out, just let it out The elephant that's in the room Is …

Tessanne Chin – Anything’s Possible Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) Don’t waste your time With thoughts of giving up It’s all in your mind Let it go, let it go Am here to remind you That anything possible …

Tessanne Chin - Fire Lyrics Not rated yet
I've been rocking my brain Cause I feel I've been go insane Something bout you change No matter how hard I try It so hard to dined (yeah, yeah) Am …

Tessanne Chin Love Suicide Lyrics Not rated yet
(Verse 1) Do you mind if I take take my time And show you all the things that I've been thinking of, Its better when the curtains come undone. I …

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