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Talk about Jamaican female reggae dancehall artiste and CeCile's name will definitely be called.

Known simply as "Ce'Cile", this Jamaican diva has consistently been tipped as the woman most likely to join Dancehall's men in the mainstream.

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Ce'Cile - Money Love Lyrics Not rated yet
Oh yeah, oh yeah Oh yeah, oh yeah Oh yeah, oh yeah Baby I love you and nah tell no lie I'll stick by your side till The rivers stop flowing The …

Beenie Man & Ce'Cile - Thug Love Lyrics Not rated yet
Cecile Now I know what real love feels like Real love thug love And you make me fly like a kite Real Love thug love Boy you make me scream loud all …

Cecile - IG Post Lyrics (MC NUFFY DISS) Not rated yet
Weh fass a go Weh Nuffy a go Stop nuff up Lowe people business you fi mind fi yuh own Live inna glass house still a throw stone Fi you life mussi …

Cecile Cheater's Prayer counteraction lyrics Not rated yet
Intro See Di Remix yah, wohoo, for my ladies Wohoo, a wah do dem, ha Some boy a go bawl, cause dah remix yah hard Keep doing what you want But a hope …

Cecile Anything Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro Boy, I?ll do anything as long as I?ve got you, na na na na, yeah. Anything, anything. Verse 1 Boy, I?ve got to tell you this, You got me …

Cecile Put it Deh Lyrics Not rated yet
Hello..Yeah. Don't blame me blame yuh mother Yeah..hello What dem a say, what dem a say Bout dem house and no man nah go deh But from yuh good down …

Ce'Cile Coffee lyrics Not rated yet
Intro Watch yah Black coffee no sugar no cream Black coffee no sugar no cream Black coffee no sugar no cream Black coffee no sugar no cream Chorus …

Cecile - Tie Him Lyrics Not rated yet
When me put it pon him Put dah body yah pon him Him say gal weh you going wid all a di body Tear weh dem belly Get you man all frenzy Tease up him …

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