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All Reggae artiste Zagga Lyrics

Zagga - Chimney Records artiste Austill Henry, known more to his fans and peers by his stage name ZAGGA, The musician had his sight set at an early age to achieve greatness within the music industry and life itself.

Born and raised in Jamaica, where he is still located in the garden parish 'St Ann’, Zagga works assiduously and is determined to achieve his goals.

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Zagga – Want My Own Lyrics  Not rated yet
(Chorus) And mi seh unu cyaa trick mi Ghetto youths fi rich to Because wi waan the best fi wi kids to Mi seh yo cyaa trick mi Ghetto youths waan own …

Zagga – Work Fi Yuh Own Lyrics Not rated yet
(Verse 1) No man no beg mi a 20 Mi no have nothing fi a man You have up two foot and two hand Bwoy sit down everyday wid him big back strong Go fling …

Zagga – Never Give Up Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) Seh success wouldn’t nice if di road never rough That’s why mi never give up, mi seh fi never give up Just kill dem wid a smile when dem call …

Zagga – Prayer A Day Lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) A prayer a day keep the devil away Seh you hoping and praying But yo prayer naw reach you Wonder if a sin or a true yo start bleach (Verse …

Tarrus Riley Ft Zagga – Free Up Lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) We don’t give trouble We give tax Tun up the music caw we no response Music a play from cross the distance (Chorus) Free up, be your self …

Zagga - Change lyrics Not rated yet
Most frequently saying by people who almost reach success Who me, me nah change Yoy wah know the harsh reality It a go rain tomorrow Please guide …

Zagga - Attitude Of Gratitude Lyrics Not rated yet
Yes I, Yes I, Yes I Praises be to the most high Jah Long life is all, A Zagga (Chorus) Mi might no have a dollar in a mi pocket but mi alright …

Zagga - So Far Away Lyrics Not rated yet
I feel it now So far away yet I feel so close Feel it now Don't lose your way say jah love you no most Feel it now, I tell you So far away yet you …

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