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Reggae singer Mavado, The Gangsta For Life", "The Gully God" was born on November 30, 1981 in Cassava Piece Kingston Jamaica. His real name is David Constantine Brooks.

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Mavado - Dem Run Eeen Lyrics Not rated yet
Dem swear dem get weh Go go go go fi dem Dis a one ting me nuh understand enuh From some boy start wore under-pants Dem swear say de tun man enuh …

Mavado - Fiesta Lyrics Not rated yet
Woiee, the way you wineing like a pro Keep it up bad gal you killing dem slow Senoreta, Me-a-mo Come bend over mek your fingers touch your toe Keep …

Mavado – Progress Lyrics Not rated yet
(Verse 1) Wi nuh in a nothing wid you If you naw show no progress Man fi go through life without no stress Be friends meet some people that’s hopeless …

Mavado - Drop Bomb Lyrics Not rated yet
Rifle shot fly thru chest Gullyside dem caah test Everybody know Everybody know, I am the greatest From me small and a grow me a don We nuh wear …

Mavado - Big Bumpa Gal Lyrics Not rated yet
Hey you, bad gal If you know you If you know you, clean girl What are you worrying about No rotten teeth or false teeth nuh inn yuh mouth Watch yah …

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