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Bugle who's real name is Roy Thompson was born in the parish of Portland, Jamaica.

His love for dancehall and reggae music began from an early age, while he was going to primary school. He did not got his break until 2000 when he met with fellow dancehall artiste Oniel Bryan popular known as Elephant man.

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Bugle - Now Until The End Lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) Shi look paw mi good and shi seh you can tan deh Shi know seh mi a da man deh Mi a her plan B and plan A Shi a go be ma wife one day (Chorus) …

Bugle Tears Lyrics  Not rated yet
(Intro) Come meck wi chase those crazy ball head out a the town We have to chase those crazy ball head out of the town Hear mi out, hear mi out (Verse …

Bugle - Where Were You lyrics Not rated yet
Dem use to drive pass me out a di bus stop The dapper case dem nuh car if me buss dat But now everybody have a lot fi say Weh never see me when me couldn't …

Bugle – Don’t Give Up Lyrics Not rated yet
{Intro} Yeh di journey go on Life go on Di struggles goes on an on.. an on Shi waan ba sidun Jah-vie Di struggles goes on {Verse 1} Not everyday …

Bugle - Death Row Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow mi nuh know weh some man a deal wid enuh But me have a little daughter deh Any day any boy violate har Enno don't hear the half of if yuh hear …

Bugle - Survivor Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro: Emanuel High, Rastafari Holy Emanuel High, King Selasi High Holy Emanuel High, Almighty High Rastafari They just always gonna fight you for …

Bugle - Rope Lyrics Not rated yet
Yeah man Before me switch I rather be poor Because the journey weh me deh pon me nah detour Jah jah lead I so I falla him And I'll be sure To keep …

Bugle Anointed Lyrics Not rated yet
Now hear me out, Ease Now hear me out (Intro) Some a lose dem way so wi re-ruth dem Naw turn my back pon the real youth dem All who genuine we …

Bugle Educated Dunce Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) Mi si seh yuh educated But yuh a dunce All yuh care bout a yo dinner and lunch A yuh create the problem, suh yuh a the problem Mi just …

Bugle - Rasta Party Lyrics Not rated yet
Yeah, Rastafari party Me deh yah a gwaan bill A gwaan chill And a sip some roots a bobo hill Cause Rasta nuh consume season poison Yah, inna dah …

Bugle - Life Goes On Lyrics Not rated yet
Me know to how dem perfect dis a something dem rehearse Whole heap a phycology dem reverse Nuh mek dem swell you head Stay firm inna you meds Becareful …

Bugle "What We Gonna DO" Lyrics Not rated yet
Do to do do, what I'm gonna do Daseca Chorus: Exercise everyday and I'm still not fit My kids are hungry and I ain't got shit What I'm gonna do? …

Bugle Please Lyrics  Not rated yet
(chorus) Please protect me from my friends while I try to protect myself from my enemies lord sometimes yuh friends dem hurt you set up the cops fi …

Bugle - Priority Lyrics Not rated yet
Before me do road Yard haffi criss Mama and yutes dem things haffi fix Before me use money and buy Champagne Me sort out tuition and book-list Nah …

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