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Dancehall artiste Popcaan Lyrics

Popcaan or Poppi who's birth name is Andre Jay Sutherland was born on July 15, 1988 in the Parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica.

As a youngster he attended the Happy Grove High School located in Hector's River, Portland Jamaica where he began to show signs of his love for and desire of wanting to become a dancehall artiste.

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Popcaan - Nah Idle Lyrics Not rated yet
You can never have nuttin if you don't work hard Caah achieve nuttin if you don't work hard yea Nah make no money if you don't work hard Hustler …

Popcaan - We Still A Win (World Cup) Lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) Me nuh know but league Cah we name world cup And nuff a dem nuh like How we hotter dan thermos Me see, they don't like when ghetto yute shell …

Popcaan - Man a Murdera (Alkaline Diss) Lyrics Not rated yet
A when since dem bad, mercy A mussi last week dem start bad, woo A mussi last year dem start bad A mussi last month dem start bad Mobay, man a bad …

Popcaan - Ova Dweet Lyrics Not rated yet
Everybody can see Say me a ova dweet, ova dweet oh yeah Gal haffi say wah mek you clean so, woyiee Gal haffi say wah mek you clean so High grade …

Popcaan - Money Me A Study Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow yow Yow Markus We have a new subject fi study And dah subject yah name money You born fi rich mama told me soh Dem caah stop me now am on the …

Popcaan – Unruly Rave Lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) The party no tun up, it tun over Gyal a toll pon di Bike and the long Rover Mi party from Ochi to Hanover And mi drink till mi get hangover …

Popcaan - Unruly Prayer Lyrics Not rated yet
Hey hey, Dinero Ahh ha, me never haffi deh a road Look how much yutes deh a grave yard Me neva haffi deh yah dawg So me haffi give thanks Dre Island …

Popcaan - Never Sober Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow Notnice weh you a do today Me a do some work enuh bredda Work..Weh work ago.. a dat you be Dat never inna it Mi Feel Fi Sum Hennessy, V.S.O.P …

Popcaan - My God Lyrics Not rated yet
Ghetto yutes unno haffi get fit up Do a lot of push-up and sit-up And, nuff a dem wah see you drop pon yuh face dem wah you chip up But I don't fare …

Popcaan - Homemade Lyrics Not rated yet
Wicked.. woiee Anytime me send out me talk boy dead Complete the mission fi buss boy head Boy get hollow point, copper and lead Wah do some sodomite …

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