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All Reggae artiste Vershon Lyrics

With his hit song 'Inna Real Life' burning up the local airwaves, Kemar Brown, popularly known as Vershon, is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the dancehall fraternity.

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Vershon Gone Too Soon Lyrics Not rated yet
You play a big roll in a my life Real bredda in a my sight Memba how we use to suffer Still we use hold it Little Mackerel, little white rice You …

Vershon - Di Truth Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow frass Me hear dem a grumble Dem feel say me easy fi stumble Simplicity man used fi survive So its best stay humble Hum huh, all when dem step …

Vershon - Anything For You (Mama) Lyrics Not rated yet
Three kids without a father figure Daddy never play part Life did hard sometimes we nuh have no dinner But still mama stay smart Me nuh know how she …

Vershon - Feeling High LYRICS Not rated yet
One spliff a light a next spliff Bottle a Ciroc a mek me head lift Right now me feel high like when a jet lift Is a hot gal me wah fi hold a medz with …

Vershon - Neva Happy Fi Mi Lyrics Not rated yet
True story, true story The other day a yute come check me Somebody weh me call me fam The two a we a reason bout weh we a come from Me tell him me …

Vershon - Say Weh Yuh Feel (Too Hype) Lyrics Not rated yet
Glendevon Records going hard Di Vershon, di Vershon Dem say me future look empty Me nah live fi see twenty But dem story a history Rise me a rise …

Vershon - Inna Real Life Lyrics Not rated yet
One Vershon inna real life One Vershon inna real life One vershon, one vershon Dem say me nah buss weh Dat me hear nuff say Me fi stay weh di cruffs …

Vershon - Fire Lyrics Not rated yet
Fire fire, we nuh wah no water over here Hotta fire, hotta fire Fire fire, we nuh wah no water over here Hotta fire, hotta fire There's a brown girl …

Vershon - Use To Hungry Lyrics Not rated yet
Jah know J Wayne Dog You remember when we a hot up the rice and Coundn't find no meat kind just haffi fling piece a butter inna it Haha Hold on nuh …

Vershon Ft Shemeika - Missing You Lyrics Not rated yet
we use to roll We use to roll We use to roll together We use to roll We use to parr together We use to roll You use to call me bredda We do road, …

Vershon - My Thing Lyrics Not rated yet
Me touch a million gal but me never go a ground Funny-man fren me never have none Me nuh barrow shoes but me wi len out my own And if streets fi red …

Vershon - Clean Mi Heart Too Clean Lyrics  Not rated yet
Seaview dutty heart badmind people nuh wah see man stepout You know how much tings dem do me and me still nuh have dem up Mr G A Clean me heart too …

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