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All Ikaya Lyrics

From an early age Ikaya has been singing. The past student of Wolmer?s Girls has always been involved in the performing arts and now has decided to take it to the next level by bringing her talent to the musical stage.

Born in Kingston 11 she blazed on to the scene in 2001 on Capleton?s Fire on the Martial Arts Riddim produced by Kings of Kings maestro Skatta Burrell. On the track the young Ikaya belts out an excellent hook providing a good combination to the ?Fireman? when he was at his prime.

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iKaya - My Man Lyrics Not rated yet
My man my man He's a damn good man I just love my man There's nothing too good I wouldn't give my man I just want to thank you for being my man But …

Ikaya – Brand New Lyrics Not rated yet
(Verse 1) I hop out of bed The sun to my curtains Feeling like a billion bucks Got a whole new plan in my head And am prided an determine Nobody’s …

Ikaya – I Ain’t Giving Up Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) I ain’t giving up on my baby I ain’t giving up on my man I ain’t giving up on my baby Even though he’s not up in here I ain’t giving up …

Ikaya - Ugly Girl Lyrics Not rated yet
A skiddy bam bam skiddy bam bam A skiddy beng beng A skiddy bam bam skiddy bam bam A skiddy beng I lost my man in a fight last night I caught him …

Ikaya - Bang Bang Lyrics Not rated yet
So many times in my mind I pulled the trigger and I watched you fall And now am like a typless type Because of you a heart of gold Is now harder than …

Ikaya Fly Away Lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) Lord Jesus, how the place full up a badmind And some people weh so evilous Nuff a dem waan test, but dem cyaa test weh God bless Mi know seh …

Ikaya These Tears Lyrics Not rated yet
I see babies having babies I see mothers running away from the kids Is like this world gone crazy Or is the prophecy is being fulfilled What kind …

Ikaya Hard Way Lyrics Not rated yet
It lock..yes It lock..yeah yeah Sixteen and him love di sixteen Him neva read but him load magazine Him father tell him low the rich quick team Till …

Ikaya High With You Lyrics Not rated yet
Baby what you doing tonight why wont you come over Am just in the mood for your touch And the way me miss your love Right now me can't take it nolonger …

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