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All Reggae Singer Garnett Silk Lyrics

One of the most exciting young talents to arise out of the '80s dancehall scene, Garnett Silk began his career as a child toaster, but ended it as one of Jamaica's most astonishing singers; with a rich and emotive voice, he took the nation by storm. He seemed destined for international stardom, when his career was cut cruelly short by his death in 1996.

Born Garnett Damoin Smith in Jamaica's Manchester parish on April 2, 1966, the young DJ-to-be, had decided on his career choice as a small child. Encouraged by family and friends, Silk first took the stage at the Soul Remembrance sound system at the tender age of 12, under the moniker Little Bimbo.

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Garnett Silk - Everything I've Got lyrics Not rated yet
Intro: Gave you gave Gave you everything I've Gave you gave Verse 1: Yesterday, you walked away With no thought of your day Thinking you can go …

Garnett Silk Friend & Lover Lyrics Not rated yet
What would you think if I told you I've always wanted to hold you? I don't know what we're afraid of Nothing would change if we made love. So I'll …

Garnett Silk "Place In Your Heart" Lyrics  Not rated yet
Hey, baby, love is coming at you So you better be prepared Hey, yeah, hey, yeah, hey Newfound love is like a brand new toy It fills you up, you want …

Garnett Silk - Every Knee Shall Bow lyrics Not rated yet
Now blessed is the lord thy God and blessed all thee that do his work. And he receiveth who have recieveth who have sent we. And he receiveth who have …

Garnett Silk - Satisfaction lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) oh la le la la la yeahyeah, yeahyeah, mmmh I wanna tell you truthfully about this good world and me I want peace of mind don't you see I'm …

Garnett Silk Love Is the Answer Lyrics Not rated yet
Do good my brother And good will follow you I know I know Hey I will always do the good I can for an hatred I can t withstand And I hope you feel …

Garnett Silk - Zion In A Vision Lyrics  Not rated yet
Ooh, I see and I saw Woah, woah Yeah, yeah I saw Zion in a vision Jah was there, amidst everyone Stretching forth His right hand Oh, it's like …

Garnett Silk - Mama Africa Lyrics Not rated yet
Ma, Ma, Ma, Africa Hello, Mama Africa, how are you? I'm feeling fine and I hope you're fine too Hello, Mama Africa, how are you? I hope when you …

Garnett Silk - Nothing Can Divide Us Lyrics  Not rated yet
You know, baby I love you very, very much And I just want you to know that There's nothing can divide us No, no, hey Nothing can divide us Nothing …

Garnett Silk - It's Growing Lyrics Not rated yet
My love is stepping up (My love is stepping up), I know My love is stepping up It's growing This love inside of me Oh, and it's showing Shining …

Garnett Silk - Come To Me Lyrics Not rated yet
Come along, pretty baby Come along Come along, darling Come to me, be mine, lady I’ll show you things you’ve never seen, oh, baby Come to me, girl, …

Garnett Silk Complaint Lyrics Not rated yet
Chorus If you do wrong they complain Even if you call the father's name its the same What they`want us to do Don't they know it is nothing new Why …

Garnett Silk All the Woman I Need Lyrics Not rated yet
I used to cry myself to sleep at night But that was all before she came I thought love had to hurt to turn out right But she's here it's not the same …

Garnett Silk - Oh Me Oh My Lyrics Not rated yet
Baby, don't worry Don't worry, oh, no, no, no Oh me, oh my Pretty baby, don't be shy Oh me, oh my I'm gonna tell you why Oh me, oh my Pretty …

Garnett Silk - With Your Mercy Lyrics Not rated yet
Let Jah be Praised While I pray for my blessings to rise (Woh-woh) Listen Dem belly full but they're starving Have a lot an still wanting Jah without …

Garnett Silk - Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders Lyrics Not rated yet
Here I come again, Jah Jah Before your presence we're singing Lord, watch over our shoulders tonight And help us live thy words tomorrow Let's not …

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