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Reggae Singer Shuga Lyrics

Mitzie ‘Shuga’ Campbell has music running through her veins. From a young age, Brown Sugar had the dream of becoming a singer and now she has finally been fast-tracked for a career in the business.

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Shuga 9.58 Lyrics Not rated yet
9.58 Again Me nuh waah none quickness Me want a man wid the fitness Beg you a man wid the thickness Come put it pon me tonight After me call off …

Shuga - Crime Scene (Johnny Dead) Lyrics Not rated yet
Chalk line crime scene yellow tape Funeral bright light undertake The coob clean but he cock couldn't wake So move your dead self from my gate Well …

Shuga Ride Di Riddim Lyrics Not rated yet
Equal oppertunity fi female entertainer, dah me say Shuga pon a old skool rub a dub riddim Why me haffi work hard fi a fraction of a man's checque …

Shuga - Give My Soul To Jah Lyrics Not rated yet
Bright lights, Nyon signs Billboard everywhere Everybody wants to be a star oooohhooooooo Welcome to the city where the streets are golden People …

Shuga - Ebony Lyrics  Not rated yet
Queen Ifrica: Tell dem Shuga! Verse 1: Took me from my roots Tried to destroy my stem They try to cut down my branches Say dem wah fi see mi life …

Shuga Tell Me A Lie Lyrics Not rated yet
Tell me a lie, say i look familar Thou I know you don't even know my name Tell me a lie say you just got into town Even thou I've seen you here just …

Shuga - Jah Will Provide Lyrics Not rated yet
My dadi dadi when am on my knees When you are on your knees Nuh worry bout nuttin Jah will provide fi we From the rising of the sun that start the …

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