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All Reggae Artiste Chronixx Lyrics

Chronixx was the 'stage' name his friends bestowed on him, replacing the name 'Little Chronicle' he was given as the 'junior' to his father, the artist Chronicle. A little star amongst his peers, he had shown a love for music and song writing from an early age.

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Chronixx - Sell My Gun LYRICS Not rated yet na na na na na Zinc fence.. na na na na na na Chronixx.. na na na na na na Spanish town me born and grow Whole heap a badman me know …

Chronixx - Spanish Town Rocking Lyrics Not rated yet
I grew up inna place call Dela Vega Spanish Town Rocking Over prison oval I grew up inna a place call En-some City Spanish Town grooving Everybody …

Chronixx Champion Lyrics Not rated yet
(Verse 1) Life has it’s way Of turning the grey sky’s blue But sometimes the sky Come tumbling down on you But of this one thing am sure (Chorus) …

Chronixx - Warrior lyrics Not rated yet
Ahhhh boyyyy Mi say mi ten step.. Mi ten step a head a dem Ten step a Tell dem man a selassie I federal Rasta we a fight war spiritual Welcome Chronixx …

Chronixx Odd Ras Lyrics Not rated yet
Ahhh Boy, Digital, one one Chronixx again Well nuff a talk bout buss Buss what? Lef some a dem a wait a di bus stop Nuff get di bus and go fall off …

Chronixx Ain't No Giving In Lyrics Not rated yet
Rastafari I never, Never leave I alone So even when the road get rocky (Chorus) Mi seh mi never a give up A seh there ain’t no giving in Caw when …

Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) Left, right, Jah soldiers a come Left, right (Chorus) An dem seh here comes trouble Here comes the danger Sent by the savior welcome the …

Chronixx - Spirulina Lyrics Not rated yet
Good god have mercy..hey Good god of grace Lord have his mercy Zinc fence ahh boooy... Spirulina build up mi confidence Rastafari run di continent …

Chronixx – Rastaman Wheel Out Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) Rasta man wheel out And know you have it there Rasta man wheel out And come over here Office ease out, don’t you have no fear? Officer ease …

Chronixx - Capture Land Lyrics Not rated yet
And I say Dread and Terrible pon dem Good god of grace, well I have his mercy And me say old slave driver Time is catching up on you Old slave driver …

Chronixx - Eternal Fire Lyrics Not rated yet
Yes I yah Selassie I Gimmi dem remedy the fire fi go burn A say the table turn I Gimmi dem remedy the fire fi go blaze Bun babylon dutty ways Eternal …

Chronixx - Give Me A Try Lyrics Not rated yet
Tell me how long, should I love, girl Give me your heart and mek me put a lock pan it Yeahh, Yeah Knock knock knocking Knock Knock knocking Chronixx …

Chronixx - Somewhere Lyrics Not rated yet
Listen me nuh daughter (Listen nuh baby, listen nuh baby) I know you tired of the stress And the strain and the city life Come make we drink jelly …

Chronixx Ghetto People Lyrics Not rated yet
(Verse 1) Where you gonna run now that the Gideon start Where you gonna run now that the Gideon, Gideon start When all the money that you robbed from …

Chronixx Smile Jamaica Lyrics Not rated yet
Oohh I met a girl this morning She was love at first sight Oohh I met a girl this morning She was beauty to my eyes I asked her where she from she …

Chronixx Behind Curtain lyrics Not rated yet
Best friend a come fi tek your life A di worst thing you could ever see Teflon how can a man weh you a parr wid from yuh born Turn round to be your …

Chronixx Sell My Gun Lyrics Not rated yet na na na na na Zinc fence.. na na na na na na Chronixx.. na na na na na na Spanish town me born and grow Whole heap a badman me know …

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