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Demarco represents the refined cream of a modern crop of Jamaica’s most skilled and talented music practitioners.

He embodies a new age of cutting-edge artistes, whose ability to intertwine song writing with music production, engineering, and performing, and whose capacity to use these skills seamlessly between Dancehall, Roots Reggae, Hip Hop, and R & B, makes him in constant demand in one role or another.

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Demarco - Happy Fi Yuh Lyrics Not rated yet
Dog me nuh know bout you But me happy fi my friend dem enuh Me happy fi all my enemy dem Wah happy to you man Why some man don't wah see dem fren …

Demarco - We Run The World (Alkaline & Mavado Diss) Lyrics Not rated yet
Bout dem run place, run weh Yuh nuh see the pusi dem run weh Far far fuk do dem We run the world, Usain Bolt Usain Bolt, U.. Usain Bolt, Usain …

Demarco - Give Thanks For Life lyrics  Not rated yet
TJ..Yeah..A Demarc..oooooOOOO Mek mi tell you dis You can tek mi car you can tek mi house Nuh ave no money inna mi pocket still step without But mi …

Demarco - Case Lyrics Not rated yet
Hmmm hmmmm Jail house nuh nice enuh But when you experience it You get wise..huh Big up every cell block Real jail and dem have every cell lock …

Demarco I Love My Life lyrics Not rated yet
Intro Eh A Marcoooo (Star Kutt)(straight) I love my life(I love my life) I love my life(I love my life) I love my life, I love my life(yeahhhh) …

Demarco Real Gallis Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow frass A Demarco Man a Gallis from birth and forever Man a Gallis from birth and forever So mi nuh know bout you But mi know bout me Real galis …

Demarco True Friend Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro: Ha... Demarco dem seh yo, yuh a deportee (haha) Dem seh yuh come from foreign an yuh nahave nuh money Yuh bruck like dog (haha) Dem seh yuh …

Demarco - Bun Friend Killa Lyrics Not rated yet
How me and you fi parr everyday And you tun round and point a strap pon me Joke dis Terror man a god fearing yute They can tell you Chant a Psalm …

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