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Reggae Artiste Chris Martin Lyrics

Christopher Martin, Reggae singer songwriter and performer. Christopher Martin or Chris Martin as he is sometimes called was born on February 14, 1987 in Back Pasture, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

He attended the Watermount All-Age School and later the St. Jago High School. It was during his high school years that his love for the dramatic arts and sports developed.

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Chris Martin Gi Wi Some Way Lyrics Not rated yet
New dance fi di summer New dance, new dance New dance man a pree Everybody can do dah one yah Dah one yah name gimi some way Poverty couldn't hold …

Christopher Martin - Take Me Back Lyrics Not rated yet
See Martin Yah, Wooohooo..hooo I messed up Had a good thing going with my girl And I messed it up She was so in loved with me And I messed it …

Chris Martin Ft Busy Signal - Steppin Lyrics Not rated yet
Ehh yow chris Bare money inna we pocket and deh pon list Set it up we caah mis Hot Tah dap tah dah daaah Tah dap tah dah daaah We we …

Christopher Martin - Pirate Of The Caribbean Lyrics Not rated yet
This is not my village am just visiting Am just piliaging the villages I see two diamonds that I want I know they gonna give it up Beautiful girls …

Christopher Martin - One Life Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow zoom This one is a boom boom boom boom boom Private jets Mansion in Malibu Super model movie star girl friend Over half a billion US in the …

Christopher Martin - Beauty To My Life lyrics Not rated yet
Ain't nothing normal about this woman huh, Oh my God I just love everything about you baby Am in love baby We in love, Am talking about genuine love …

Christopher Martin - Indecisive Lyrics Not rated yet
Here I come Here I come again And there you go, with you silly games girl You know you hot then cold You in then out You want me then you want to …

Christopher Martin – Yes I Can Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) So I, know that I can make it No I’ll never stop trying No I, know that I can make it Yes I can (Verse 1) Got some money in the bank but …

Christopher Martin - My kinda Girl Lyrics Not rated yet
Only for you baby Flowers in the morining for you Kiss on your cheek baby Come and let me make some breakfast for you You deserve it my queen Because …

Chris Martin – Mama Lyrics Not rated yet
(Intro) Fi mi mama Where would I be lord Where would I be Where would I be without my mama (Verse 1) Mummy mi love you there is nothing mi put …

Christopher Martin - Under The Influence Lyrics Not rated yet
Ohh na na na nah Martin Baby, we gonna fly tonite ooo hooo Just me and you girl We getting high tonite ooo hoo, baby We gonna make looove Under …

Christopher Martin - Good Die Young Lyrics Not rated yet
Sit back and watch my clock As time moves in one direction Even if I stop the time on my watch Time nuh stop not even for one second Mother leaves …

Christopher Martin - Lasting Prayer Lyrics Not rated yet
See Martin Yah, One more prayer again Oh lord me nah lie She got the good, oh nah nah Me first round kinda quick but me nah shame Caw me second is …

Chris Martin Cheaters Prayer Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro See Martin yah, woaai Lawd hammercy Woaai(2) hey(2) It's not the first nor the last, so, so much pretty girl a pass and Holding out is such …

Christopher Martin "Baby I Love You" Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) Baby I love you my darling Woo I love you girl Baby I need you my darling You complete my world Say that I love you my darling Whoo i …

Christopher Martin - Look On My Face lyrics Not rated yet
oohhhooo whoooo hoooooo O Mi deh yahh oooo Jah won't leave you for an inch Anything you ask call on him Got a big bright smile but my days are dark …

Chris Martin Messenger Lyrics Not rated yet
Well I well I well I've been thru a lot But I but I but I will never try to be someone am not So If you go somewhere and hear something about me Girl …

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