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Kranium - Finally out of NYC a Reggae/Dancehall star has been found. Introducing Jamaican born but Queens raised 23 year old singer Kranium.

He is a local talent who has captured the streets with his smooth soulful tone. A tone that the ladies melt to and your toughest rude boy can relate to.

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Kranium & Masicka - Beach House Lyrics Not rated yet
As a yute one thing me always pree pon my TV Richer than most weh me always see An me nah sell out fi vanity Beach house man a preach bout Big car …

Kranium Lifestyle lyrics Not rated yet
Kranium. Yeah. Everybody have a dream..... Everybody.... Listen me.. Ghetto youths... Buy weh yu wah buy Fly weh yu waah. Get any gyal yu waah …

Kranium - History lyrics Not rated yet
Kranium Dem see the link And feel say the link did soft Till dem go mek a wrong move But any way me a mek history So me nuh listen when some boy …

Kranium Ride It Lyrics Not rated yet
Baby I wah give you a sex please What the business is Ride it just like a raging bull Mek me pull and push it up Oh girl I said I like it It feel …

Kranium Sleepless Nights Lyrics Not rated yet
She's gone, she's gone And I really wish you were here in my arms Sleepless nights, lonely days Its been so long, ever since you went away Sleepless …

Kranium - Nobody Has To Know lyrics Not rated yet
Woah ooooo baby ... baby ... hmmmm Set de wah yuh deh seh bend down wah yuh deh seh bend down wah yuh deh seh set de wah yuh deh seh ive …

Krainum Draw Me Out Lyrics Not rated yet
I and I a travell thru the shadow I will always have God beside me And every time me see the hyprocites Getting closer I take weh myself neatly Because …

Kranium Between Us Lyrics Not rated yet
Look outside tell me if you see the jeep A me friend me send come pick you up Take your time when you a walk out Me nuh really waah you wake him up …

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