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Denyque - Reggae/Dancehall Singer - Lyrics

In 2009, when Denyque Dontre recorded her first single Can't Breathe for Arrows Recording, Denyque has since been dubbed "Supergirl" by her fans; a moniker which she has proved that she most definitely deserves.

Since her entrance, She has grown tremendously and has firmly stepped into the entertainment stratosphere under the guidance and watchful eye of industry big-wig Jade Lee.

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Mortimer Feat. Denyque - Cant Get Enough Lyrics Not rated yet
yea, yea, yea.. ooooohhhh, yea Mortimer you are a wonderful lady Want to make you my baby But am not sure sometimes that I deserve you girl …

Chino & Denyque - What Got To Do With Anything Lyrics  Not rated yet
Right now me nuh sure wah me fi call dis She say me a number one pon fi har list She know me have me woman And she have har man but she want this …

Denyque - Santa Baby Lyrics Not rated yet
Santa baby just slip a savor under the tree for me I've been an Awful good girl Santa baby just hurry down the chimney tonight Santa baby a brand …

Denyque Proud Wifey Lyrics  Not rated yet
Sunny day keeping the clouds away Am on my way And am so good, good, good, So good, I care zero You come a hype with your little one touch You …

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