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Jahmiel – Cant Do without You Lyrics

Fling mi a fear fox
That’s new morning side
Meck wi take a morning ride
Girl it’s warm inside

(Verse 1)
From yo walk in, mi no waan yo walk away
And girl you have my heart a say
Wa meck mi a skip so fast
Wa meck yo lip so soft
Shi a seh shi wanna be the one
And girl I wanna be yo man
Fi put the ring up paw yo hand
Girl it’s godda be the plan
Wid cupid arrow mi shoot you gyal
The feeling mutual

Girl I waan give you love too
Oh I find it hard to say good bye
Cant do without you

Girl I waan give you love too
Oh I find it hard to say good bye
Cant do without you

(Verse 2)
Have broken couple hearts back inna the past
That yo no haffi ask
But mi naw break yours
Like the crock inna the glass
And mi wouldn’t mine if you drop inna mi trap
Girl this naw kill you, love mi a gi you
Hope you not a money girl
Like the one fi skillo
Mi sing deh song yah fi trill yo
Umm mi hope yo comfortable now
I’ll be there to motivate you
As you go ma baby go

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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